Latest Bathroom, Kitchen and Tiling Trends of 2017

Bathroom designing, kitchen remodeling and tile installation need your time and money so it is essential to put some efforts into the equation and get the best outcome. Renovating is all about moving one step further and making your bathroom, kitchen or other space look good. Of course there are some classic looks that are timeless yet most of the people opt for latest trends and designs. Latest designs also increase house value significantly that would be beneficial if you are planning to sell the house.

Following is a list of some latest bathroom, kitchen and tiling trends of 2017.

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo is a relatively unpopular type of tile at this moment but this trend is going to change in upcoming months. These types of tiles are made with the pieces of marble, granite, quartz and glass. The bold design of Terrazzo tiles can help home owners use it in kitchens and bathrooms for a modernized look. These tiles are water and scratch resistance that means you can use them as kitchen backsplash or on bathroom walls. Terrazzo tiles are available in virtually unlimited designs and textures.

Same Tiles for Floors and Walls

Right now, it is a common practice to use different tiles (different colors, material and even different shape) for bathroom floor and walls. However, more and more designers and home owners are opting for same tiles for wall and floor. There are two main advantages of this approach; first of all, it gives the bathroom space a solid look with design fluidity and secondly it is cost efficient.

Even More Diverse Color Range

That is pretty simple; designers and manufacturers have been trying to introduce more colors and textures since the day one and no wonder you would see lots of new color trends in 2017 too. The latest tiling trend with respect to color and texture is the use of more complex designs and a hint of abstraction. As stone tiles are relatively expensive than other popular types like ceramic tiles, manufacturers would introduce more ceramic tiles with stone look.

Mix and Match

2016 was all about bold experiments and this trend is not going to stop in 2017. The idea behind mix and match approach is to use hundreds of designs in thousands of different ways. For example, using abstract mosaic tiles with a monotone tile wall in bathroom is a popular trend that sends a bold statement. So, don’t shy and don’t be afraid of doing experiments on your own.


Many tile manufacturing companies in Italy have started designing tiles asymmetrical layout and design. These patterns are getting popularity in rectangular and square tiles, and soon they would appear on brick and mosaic too. These fragmented tiles could be used to form geometrical shapes in bathroom or other spaces. Interestingly, if you use these tiles randomly, they can successfully give an abstract modern look.


Every year, new trends are emerged in tiling industry and some of them last longer than expected. Last two years were all about hex tiles and those tiles are still in fashion. 2017 is about bricks and unlike hex tiles, brick design could be used in numerous ways. It could be designed in a way to give a classic look or with a random tile installation and mortar spill design it could give a modern look to your bathroom space.

Horizontal and Vertical Lines

No doubt, using horizontal and vertical lines in kitchen, bathroom or other space is not the latest idea yet it could be used in a number of new ways thank to the more and more upcoming tile designs and patterns. Horizontal and vertical lines are not only used create a visual illusion of bigger or taller space but lines can add depth in a plain design. Using lines is considered one of the most effective and cost efficient way to beautify the space.


Gray has always been a popular color choice for bathrooms and other spaces. Tile manufacturing companies understand the popularity of grayscale tiles and in 2017 you would see even more patterns, styles and a wider range of grayscale tiles in the market. Adding an exotic color (via horizontal or vertical line) on a plain grayscale wall in your bathroom space can dramatically improve the look. Gray has proved the entire theory wrong that you need colors to make a bold impression.

Graphical Mosaic

Mosaic tiles have been around us for years and manufacturers have been working on new designs tirelessly. Expect to see a wide range of graphical mosaic in 2017 as many design elements are getting traction in the industry. Patterned mosaics could be used to form an asymmetrical layout or you can ditch the randomness and strategically place these tiles to form a modern symmetrical look.

3D Tiles

Thanks to the modern tile manufacturing process, now manufacturers can make tiles that can give a 3D appearance of texture. These 3D tiles might need an expert installation for the maximum effect but after installation, they give a whole new meaning to modern designs. As you can anticipate, manufacturers can make virtually unlimited designs of 3D tiles with ridges and other geometrical designs; so expects tons of new designs in upcoming months.

Creative Designs and Patterns

Of course patterned tiles are quite popular all over the globe but with the passage of time, patterned and geometric tiles have become a synonym of modernized bathroom or kitchen design. According to many industry experts and designers, the classic look and basic design elements would give an even bigger entry in near future. Brick tiles (which have thrice the length than width) would give a new meaning to modern designs by designers using them in more creative ways. Herringbone and other similar tile layouts can help create dramatic effects in the space.