Why People Want to Renovate Their Homes and How Much They Usually Spend

People in Los Angeles renovate their homes for a number of reasons and interestingly how much they spend vary drastically. So there is no easy way to answer the questions like, how much kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles costs?or how much bathroom renovation in Los Angeles costs? However, based on a recent study conducted in USA, some valuable data has been collected from around two thousand people that tell us why people want to renovate their homes, bathrooms and kitchens.

This data can also help us make a realistic estimate of the overall expenses. Let’s dig a little deeper.

How Much People Spend On Bathroom Remodeling?

Based on results of the study, people spend from less than $2,500 to more than $75,000 on bathroom remodeling. These numbers vary significantly because some people only install new floor, wall tiles and other things while some people renovate from their bathrooms from scratch. Interestingly, more than 76% of the people spent $5,000 to $50,000 on bathroom remodeling.

  • Around 5% of the people spent less than $2,500.
  • More than 10% of the people spent $2,500 to $5,000 on bathroom remodeling.
  • Around 23% of the people spent $5,000 to $10,000 on the project.
  • 34% of the people spent $10,000 to $25,000 on bathroom renovation.

Although these numbers give a basic idea of the bathroom remodeling cost yet the study wasn’t exclusive with Los Angeles so you might see a little different in the actual cost based on the material and labor cost in your geographical area.

Why Homeowners Decide to Renovate Their Bathrooms?

The study also concluded the major reasons why homeowners decide to remodel their bathroom. However, these numbers are overlapping as most of the people had two or more reasons to do so. Around 45% of the people said that they can’t stand the old bathroom and that’s why they are doing a total renovation. 38% of the people said that theywanted to do that for a long time and finally now their financial situation allows them to do so.
Interestingly, around 20% of the people were doing bathroom remodeling because they just bought the house and they want to make it new. Why this part is interesting? Because 10% of the people said that they are renovating the bathroom as they are selling the house and they want to increase its value.

What Are the Main Things People Upgrade in Bathrooms?

94% of the people wanted to improve their bathroom space by fixing plumbing issues and that’s the most common reason. But unless it is a complete plumbing job, it is considered a small task as compared to the idea of bathroom remodeling itself. On the other hand, more than 90% of the people wanted new wall tiles or wall paint.
More than 90% of the people wanted new tile floor, 90% of the people wanted countertops, 89% of the people wanted to install sink or upgrade it. It is pretty clear that tiling is the major reason why people remodel their bathrooms.

How Home Renovation Can Improve Your Lifestyle?

Home renovation (especially bathroom and kitchen remodeling) is not something we do every day. However, this investment can pay off in multiple folds in many ways. Some of those ways are pretty obvious, like improving the value of the house before selling while some simply improve the overall lifestyle of the residents. Let’s see how home renovation can improve your lifestyle.

Efficient Use of Space

Sometimes, especially when you buy a new house, you find that many of the things are not built efficiently and they are not compatible with your lifestyle. For example, some of the space is being wasted and by improving the use of space, you can improve the overall look and functionality.

Safety and Comfort

These renovations are mostly related to installing/fixing windows and other similar interfaces and windows get the most damage from weather conditions like freezing cold temperature and rain etc. Based on your geographical location and weather conditions, you might want to renovate the house to increase the level of comfort and the sense of safety.

Proper Maintenance

Regardless of how carefully you build everything, houses are not built to last forever and they need proper maintenance every now and then. Different parts of the house wear and tear at different speed; high quality bathroom tiles or kitchen floors can last for 15 years (if you maintain them properly), windows and doors can last many seasons but eventually you need to pay attention to things.


If you recall, 45% of the people said that they renovated their house because they can’t stand the old one anymore. Sometimes this happens when people get frustrated by the design itself but most of the times it is related to functionality. If a kitchen or bathroom is not built according to your preferences and needs, chances are you won’t like it using and eventually you would want to do bathroom remodeling.

Improving the Value of House

Almost 10% people renovated their house before selling it and this phenomenon is getting more and more popularity everywhere, especially in Los Angeles as people are realizing that the investment on home renovation is a smart investment that always pays off. In case improving your house value is your purpose behind kitchen or bathroom remodeling, you need to spend money strategically on things that matter the most – like tile installation.

Energy Efficiency

If you live in a low or high temperature climate, then you need to thing about energy efficiency too as by making some smart renovations, you can save a significant amount of money on utility bills every month. For example, installing new windows or installing tiles that are suitable with the climate, you can reduce the power consumption of ceiling fans and AC units.