9 Tricks You Can Do With Your Bathroom and Make it Even More Aesthetically Pleasing

Bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles is all about the details; whether you are going to get professional help or it is a weekend DIY project, there are lots of things that you can do better and make a big difference in the ultimate outcome. Ceramic tiles are considered the easiest tiles to handle so feel free to experiment with those. Following are some tricks you can do with your bathroom space and make it more aesthetically pleasing.


Using stripes in bathroom is not an out of the world idea and neither a new one. However, when everyone thinks about horizontal stripes, you should go with vertical stripes that would send a bold message to everyone. Interestingly, the verticals stripes work with all colors and textures; you can use matching colors for vertical stripes with different tones or you can use an exotic color for stripe while using a mild color for the rest of the wall. There is no limit on patterns too and you can experiment with patterned tiles using for vertical stripes.

Stripes Combo

Using vertical and horizontal stripes combo is the latest trend in tiling industry and our designers at DTLA Tile and Stone have used this layout in many bathroom spaces successfully. Although using a stripe combo looks like the next step of using a vertical or horizontal stripe but actually these are two entirely different layouts with entirely different idea behind them.

The purpose of using a single stripe is to put some diversity in the equation and this is particularly good for typical bathroom spaces. On the other hand, the idea behind using a stripes combo is to put some harmony in the bathroom space which is atypical and comes with lots of design elements.

Cutting Tiles at 45 Degree Angle

Now that’s a whole new way of giving your bathroom space a dramatic look. Cutting tiles at 45 degree angle instead of the usual 90 degree would help you make your bathroom more aesthetically pleasing and give it a modernized look within your budget. However, this idea is not for everyone and specifically not for the first timer because you would need to cut lots of tiles.

Cutting tiles would also increase the chance and cost of breakage. The best way to apply this idea is on ceramic tiles as they are relatively cheaper and easier to cut. Also, you need to mark the tiles carefully with the right angle otherwise they would fit properly or/and look weird.


Sometimes you find a tile with a bold design and you are not sure whether it would be a good idea to use it in your bathroom or not. Regardless of the design on the tile, it is always a good idea to use a feature tile on your bathroom to give it a sense of diversity. However, it would be even a better idea to use it in a small space so preserve the design of the rest of the space. For example, you can use a feature tile in shower flooring.

Monotonic Bathroom

Interestingly, monotonic bathroom design is the simplest idea but it just got some traction now. We are not talking about using a uniform color in your bathroom space but it is about using the same patterned or feature tiles in the entire bathroom space including floor and walls. This kind of bathroom design can create a little drama and based on our experience in DTLA Tile and Stone, this design beautifies the bathroom spaces with a window that can break the fluidity of the look.

Do Your Research

That seems like a cliché but the majority of homeowner (whether they get professional help or do DIY project) don’t do their homework before getting their hands dirty. Even if you are hiring professionals to do the job, you need to look at lots of photos to get inspiration and to decide which kind of bathroom you want. Of course experts can recommend things but they can’t possibly know what you want. You can either do a quick Google search or use some specialized websites like Pinterest to get creative ideas.

Dual Tone

Using two entirely different tones in your bathroom space is a great way to create a sense of symmetrical design even though the layout is asymmetrical. However, selecting those two tones need some extra efforts and you might need the help of computer generated graphics to get the idea. Also, this color scheme looks good in bathroom spaces with less design complexity. Some popular and most obvious schemes are blue-white, green-white and maroon-white but don’t afraid to do your own experiments.

Lighting is Important

If you ask us one thing that we have learned the hard way at DTLA Tile and Stone, it would be the importance of lighting. A good bathroom design would be a good bathroom design only if you have good lighting arrangements there. You need to consider the lighting situation (whether the bathroom would get natural light in the day time or not) before you choose the tiles or design the bathroom. Strategically placed lights can emphasize the design elopements of the bathroom space and that’s what matters.

Hex Tiles

Hex tiles now have the same status that triangular tiles had a few years ago but unlike triangular tiles (which are not as popular as rectangular tiles or square tiles) hex tiles are getting lots of popularity nowadays. Although you can use bigger hex tiles on your bathroom walls but it would be even a better idea to use rectangular or square tiles in your bathroom space with a sober color and use small hex tiles in your shower space with an exotic or at least bright color like aqua. Small hex tiles come in mosaic sheets that are easily installable.