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Tile Installation Services by DTLA Tile and Stone

Tile installation might seem lie a straightforward and simple job yet it requires expertise and years of experience to install tiles perfectly.  Our installations using the Float Method come with a 15 year warranty and a lippage free guarantee because we use only the best Tile Leveling Systems and the finest tile cutters on the market.

DTLA Tile covers Southern California (Orange County and Los Angeles County) and installs tile in several areas that include floors, tub enclosures, shower enclosures, kitchen backsplashes, patios, and fireplaces. Our professionals provide affordable tiling services without compromising the quality of work. Also, our experts can help you decide which type of tile would be suitable based on your application.  We don’t sub any work out.  All work is performed by full time employees.

We have dozens of reviews on Google and Yelp.  Take some time to read over them and learn how we work.  Spend a little time going over our work in our projects portfolio to learn about what we do.  If you want to learn more about our methods, check out guides on specific topics.

For showers and tubs, we offer several different types of installation methods including cement board (HardieBacker, Durock, etc.) Schluter Shower Systems, and, the king of them all, the float method, AKA a float job.  We use only commercial grade rough materials and stay away from the big box stores for grout, thin-set and only use Laticrete based products.

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There are tons of sizes, shapes, patterns and types of tiles available in the market; however, you might need a consultation to choose the most suitable option. We provide not only competitive prices but also provide free consultation services to our clients.

Why DTLA Tile for tile installation in Los Angeles?

  • Team of experts with years of experience in tile installation
  • Free consultation to choose the most suitable tiles for your applications
  • Durable tile installation with the need of little or no maintenance at all
  • Material and labor cost estimation
  • Being locals, our professionals understand the climate of LA

Experienced Professionals

Whether it is tile flooring or backsplash installation, our tiling experts have years of experience in the field and being locals; they understand the climate of Los Angeles.

Cost Efficient

DTLA Tile is known for its superior yet efficient tile installation solutions. We do our best to use resources efficiently and not wasting clients time and money. We always deliver within the budget.

Free Estimate

We provide free no pressure estimates. Just give us a call and we are happy to stop by and review your project.

How to calculate tile installation cost?

As mentioned above, our consultants provide in-house cost estimation services, but you can make a rough estimate yourself. Before we move to the actual cost calculation part, let’s see what factors affect the overall cost.

  • Type of the tiles – Obviously, the type significantly affects the overall cost of the tiling. However, with thousands of options available, you can choose the tiles according to your budget.
  • Labor cost – It varies from location to location; for example, the labor cost of tile installation in Los Angeles would be different than the labor cost in New York or some other city.
  • Old flooring – That is the thing many people forget to consider. You are installing new tiles, what about the old flooring? Whether they are tiles or carpet or something else, it would cost to remove the old flooring, and this cost depends on the old flooring.
  • Accidental damage – Some tiles always get damage because of the transportation or during the cutting process, no matter how carefully you try. That’s why we recommend buying 10% extra tiles to cover that.
DTLA Tile Installation Infographic

Now we know everything we need, let’s estimate the cost based on a hypothetical scenario. To make things simple, we are assuming the kitchen is perfectly square with 15 x 15 feet dimension. That would be 225 square feet. Let’s suppose the tiles you are installing cost $2 per square feet and the installer would charge $3 per square feet.

So, tiles would cost $2 x 225 = $550 + 10% (accidental damage) = $605

And the labor would cost $3 x 225 = $675

Total cost = $605 + $675 = $1,280

The labor cost is simply assumed for clarification; mainly it depends on the size of the project. For example, the labor cost of a 200 square foot project would be significantly higher than the cost of a 5,000 square feet project. Also, things get a little complicated with your kitchen (or other application) is not a rectangle. If there are a lot of corners, then the installer would need to cut the tiles perfectly, that means many parts of those tiles would go to waste. There are many other scenarios where your cost estimation could go wrong. That’s why you need a professional opinion for cost estimation to prevent unpleasant surprises.

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Things you should know about tile installation in Los Angeles

We at DTLA Tile not only provide tile installation services but also try to convey the knowledge we get from our years of experience. The better informed you are, the better decisions you can make and get things done your way. Let’s see few things about tile installation you should know.

Visualize Everything

You need to visualize everything in the actual setting to get a proper idea. A tile that looks good in the store might not look good in your kitchen. It could be due to different architectural style, size, design and numerous other things.

Prefer Local Installer

A local tile installer would know the weather conditions and would act accordingly. The knowledge of the climate is important to make tiling durable that can last for years if not decades. The drying process needs optimal temperature that an experience installer would know.

Learn from Others

Visit your friends or family who have installed tiles recently; you won’t believe how much they can help you in this regard. However, no one understands your needs better than you. But some factual information from others might help you make important decisions.

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